1. What does most weather resistant, weather resistant, and least weather mean?
Most Weather Resistant - Able to withstand most outside weather conditions including full exposure to moisture & temperature. However, as with anything exposed to direct sun or prolonged extreme conditions, fading or damage can still occur.

Weather Resistant - Able to withstand normal outside weather conditions including moderate exposure to moisture & temperature. Needs some exposure protection during extreme weather. Fading can still occur under direct sun exposure.

Less Weather Resistant - Able to withstand minimal direct outside weather conditions. Should have protected exposure to outside weather.

2. What size bow do I need?

Wreath Size Bow Dimension
20" Diameter 6"W x 10"L or 8"W x 16"L
26" Diameter 8"W x 16"L or 10"W x 20"L
30" Diameter 10"W x -20"L or 12"W x 20"L
36" Diameter 12"W x 20"L or 14"W x 24"L
48" Diameter 14"W x 24"L or 18"W x 36"L
60" Diameter 18"W x 36"L or 24"L x 48"L


3. Why do Bows Fade in the Sun?
The technical term for the fading that occurs is photo-degradation and is actually a chemical reaction between the sunlight and the dyes in the material. We see just how strong the sun’s rays can be in the way that it can quickly tan or burn your skin, and the energy potential in sunlight is huge. The dyes used in fabrics and ribbon are actually a mixture of elements that, when combined, create the desired color. Exposed to sunlight consistently the dye is actually broken down into its individual elements, and therefore loses its color.

The main culprit for causing fading is the UV rays that are prominent in sunlight, and are widely thought to cause damage to all materials over time. UVA are the longer waves that are emitted by the sun and penetrate deep into fabric and ribbon, breaking down the chemical bonds within the dye. Not only can these rays cause fading, but given enough time they can even damage the actual fabric or ribbon. All fabrics and ribbon, including polypropylene ribbon are subject to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Some ribbon is effected more than others. The polypropylene ribbon used in outdoor bows is waterproof and will hold up very well in inclement weather but depending on the intensity of the sun, can still fade.

4. How to keep my bow ends from fraying?
Synthetic and natural fabric ribbon can show signs of fraying if exposed to repeated movement in their use. To keep this from happening to your bows you can apply clear nail polish or craft glue to seal the edges. Heating the edges can also be used to synthetic fabrics.

5. How is ribbon sized?

Inches Florist Size
1/4" #1
7/16" - 1/2" #2
9/16" - 5/8" #3
7/8" #5
1 1/4" - 1 1/2" #9
1 5/16" - 2 1/4" #16
2 3/8" - 3" #40
3 1/4" - 3 1/2" #80
3 5/16" - 4" #100
5" #120
6" #250